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The Lower East Side/ Lower Manhattan Interagency Council (LES/LM IAC) was formed in 1972, we are a multi-ethnic coalition of service providers and individuals with a geriatric focus.  We range in size from small volunteer groups to large multi– service centers and hospitals. The member agencies of the LES/LM  IAC address issues affecting the elderly, such as housing, nutrition, health, home care, entitlements and transportation.


The LESIAC also interacts closely with local and city legislators to advocate for services designed to meet these needs and implement meaningful programs for seniors through the Lower East Side and Lower Manhattan. As a support system, the Council advocates for Lower East Sides and Lower Manhattan's fair share of City, State and Federal funds available for senior services. The Council's work encourages seniors to recognize that they are productive members of a society which appreciates and respects the significance of their life experiences.

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